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Outstanding opportunities for diversification and return for professional investors

Technology investments can be approached from two angles: The first angle is a financial one and focuses on risk, return expectations and diversification benefits from private equity/venture capital investments in technology companies. The second angle is a strategic one, which draws additional benefit from the access to new technologies and its transfer to the GCC countries. A9C Capital supports financial investors and strategic buyers alike along our focus technology sectors. We particularly focus on fostering collaboration between our affiliated companies in order to create synergetic networks. This approach provides for exceptional return potential.

Our services to professional investors cover the entire process chain, from the identification of suitable technology companies over support in the acquisition process to post-acquisition support in managing and supervising technology companies. Across all process steps, we focus on value creation through the collaboration of experts in technology, management and finance in our network. We prefer to be a one-stop agency for investors and to serve our clients along the entire value chain but we can also support selected phases of the investment process if requested. The culmination of our approach is an investment partnership between A9C Capital and investors to jointly create a customized portfolio catering to the specific needs of the individual investor.

The current economic conditions and the environment on the financial markets have led to highly attractive price levels. Therefore, professional investors are well advised to consider diversification of their portfolios now and to investigate investment opportunities in technology companies.